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Viglacera Trading Jsc celebrates anniversary of Vietnamese Women's Day 20/10/2015


On the occasion of 85 years of establishment of Vietnamese women's association (20/10/1930 - 20/10/2015), on 20/10/2015, Viglacera Trading jsc celebrates a solemn meeting for Vietnamese Women's Day.


This is one of the annual activities of Viglacera to revise history, the glorious tradition of the Vietnamese women's association, arise proud tradition of Vietnam woman in general and Viglacera women in particular.

Speaking at the ceremony, on behalf of company’s Board of Directors, Deputy CEO, also company’s Trade - Union president, Mr Tran Nhat Nam has sent to company’s women the best wishes, sharing the difficulties in the life as they have to both complete their work and role of a woman in family. He emphasizes that company’s women keep bringing into play Vietnam women’s tradition, continuously improve profession skill, strive for accomplishment the assigned tasks and contribute to the achievement of company.

In recent years, Viglacera Trading Jsc’s female staff including all ages, all positions are always trying to overcome all difficulties, study and research to improve profession skill, management capability to fulfill the assigned tasks, thus contributing to the development of company. With their contributions, many female staff have been awarded and appointed to the key positions of company.

Mr Tran Nhat Nam – Deputy CEO, Trade - Union president gives a speech at the meeting 

Deputy CEO, Trade - Union president gives present to female staff



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