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With over 40 years of construction, development and growth, now Corporations Glass and Ceramic Construction (Viglacera) is the leading corporations in the field of building materials production and business investment in IT infrastructure industrial and civil. The products of building materials branded Viglacera Corporation as sanitary ware, ceramic tiles, granite tiles, ceramic tiles and clay, glass … are widely consumed all over the country and export to many countries around the world. Aims at building and comprehensive development of activities, creation of a professional business unit to build and deploy business strategy Viglacera products is the inevitable trend.

Implementing this policy, Viglacera Trading Joint Stock Company was established by Decision No. 0103022396 by the Department of Planning and Investment in Hanoi issued on 14.02.2008, the way business organizations transition from form of self-production units and sales to the organization through a business unit responsible for formulating and implementing business strategies in a scientific-oriented sustainable development. This is a new model, changing the way organizations do business in the scale of the Corporation and marked a transformation in the active development of Viglacera. With this new model, Viglacera Trading Joint Stock Company has adequately addressed in meeting the overall needs of our customers, built up a strategic business development general, sustainability and efficiency.A new business model building strategy showroom present system in many provinces to promote and introduce products Viglacera and better meet the constantly changing needs both in quality and quantity of customers will be crucial to the success of the Company

Facing the opportunities of this promising, the company will continue to invest and develop solutions for new markets to become a reliable partner always ready to serve the maximum needs of customers with a professional manner. The formation and effective operation of the Company’s Business Viglacera successful assertion of Viglacera sustainable development.